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Brain injuries in babies can be attributed to numerous causes

Newborns suffer injuries of many forms, many of which are natural. For instance, bruising after passing through the birth canal is a normal result of the high pressure and tension. Other injuries are not caused by natural reasons or could have been prevented if a doctor had taken steps to help the child in its moment of need.

Brain injuries in particular are a difficult reality for new parents. There are many potential causes, from the child not receiving enough oxygen during delivery or while in the womb to mothers who took the wrong kinds of medications because doctors gave them the wrong prescriptions.

Around three out of every 1,000 babies born at full-term in the United States suffer from brain injuries. Maybe surprisingly is the fact that only half of those cases are a direct result of oxygen deprivation. Why does that matter? Take for instance cerebral palsy; it can be linked to oxygen deprivation, but if signs of asphyxia aren't present, then it could have been caused by other reasons before the child's birth. These factors will play a pivotal role in a medical malpractice claim, so the reason for the injury has to be determined.

One thing studies have been able to show is that if a doctor identifies problems, like abnormalities in a child's heart rate, then he or she may be able to prevent a serious brain injury by delivering the child via cesarean section. Scans likes MRIs can now show when a brain injury took place, too, which helps parents who want to file malpractice claims. Asphyxia-related injuries tend to show up around day three after birth on MRIs.

Our website has more information on birth injuries and what you can do if your child is suffering.

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