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Truck driver kills 1, injures 2 in erratic driving incident

When you're driving, you expect others on the road to be respectful and to be paying attention. Those who are drowsy, who need to take phone calls or who are distracted should be off the roads to prevent injuries to you and others. When erratic or negligent drivers stay on the roads, accidents like this one can happen, leaving victims in their wake. When this happens, compensation may be sought by the victims and their families.

A truck driver has been charged for a crash he caused that resulted in the death of one and injuries to two others. According to the story, the out-of-state trucker ran through a police barricade in Elizabeth before colliding head-on into a car. The driver in the car was killed, and two passengers inside were injured.

The truck driver collided with a vehicle before the fatal accident and had been seen driving erratically before he sped away from the initial crash. He was shot at by a police officer that saw him driving erratically at that point, but he continued on toward the police barricade.

He rammed through the barricade that local Elizabeth police had set up; they shot at him numerous times as he collided with the barricade in his Freightliner. During the length of his drive, the trucked had collided with around 12 vehicles.

The truck driver, a 57-year-old man, now faces charges of aggravated manslaughter, reckless aggravated assault, and vehicular homicide. It's not clear why he was driving in the manner he was; police did report that he was shot during the incident and was treated at a hospital.

Source:, "Truck driver charged in crash that killed 1, injured 2," MaryAnn Spoto, NJ Advance Media, July 09, 2016

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