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The 100 deadly days of summer: The facts and figures

The deadliest days of the summer are here, and that means drivers need to be particularly careful. With school out, more teens and young adults are on the roads, and that means that more people are likely to be involved in accidents with these less-skilled drivers.

If you're hit by a teenage driver or are involved in a near-miss leading to a crash, you may be in a position to file a claim against that teen's insurance (or even the parent's insurance, if the teen isn't properly insured and is using a parent's car). What's interesting to look at is the likelihood of accidents during this time frame.

According to the news, around 1,000 people die between Memorial Day and the end of the next 100 days. These people are all involved in crashes with teenagers behind the wheel, although it's not clear if the teen drivers all caused the collisions reported. The crashes, which are more likely to involve those between the ages of 16 and 19, increase significantly because of kids being out of school. In total, around 16 percent more accidents take place during these months, primarily June, July and August, than any other time during the year.

The American Automobile Association AAA has shown that around 10 people die each day during the 100 days following Memorial Day, which was averaged out over the last five years. Some common causes for these accidents include texting, talking on cellphones or getting distracted. These kinds of distractions are major contributors to incidents, contributing to around 58.5 percent of crashes.

Source: USA Today, "AAA: 100 'deadliest days' of summer: Teens on the road after Memorial Day," Bart Jansen, accessed July 27, 2016

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