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Misinformation and how it can affect your pregnancy

When you're expecting a baby, the last thing you'll want to do is make decisions based on fear or misinformation. There are times when you might think that the options your doctor gives you are the best for your situation, but you need to consider all your options.

Did you realize that the United States has high C-section rates, and many are completed even though there is no medically indicated reason to do so? C-sections can actually put the mother at risk for complications. That could mean injuries that didn't have to happen.

Another issue that comes up often involves inducing labor and planning for early deliveries. When there is no reason to induce labor other than to deliver on a specific date, this can be dangerous to both the mother and child. Children are born when they're ready, and unless there is a reason to intervene in that process, most people agree that allowing a child to gestate longer is better.

Elective early deliveries hinder the development of the fetal brain and lungs; much of the development takes place over the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Babies who are at least 39 weeks along have lower rates of problems with their lungs; they can breathe better.

If a doctor makes a mistake, like telling you to deliver early, that leads to your child suffering an injury or you facing injuries you wouldn't have otherwise, it's important that you know that you have the right to file a medical malpractice claim. Your life has been affected, and you deserve answers.

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