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Campaign aims to reduce pedestrian fatalities in New Jersey

Getting hit by a car or losing a loved one in a collision can be devastating to your family. It's a tragedy that can strike at any time, and for one retired police captain from Long Beach Township, the story is all too familiar. His stepbrother went missing in 1987 on Memorial Day. It turned out that he was in an accident and was hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

The victim had been crossing U.S. Route 1 when a car skidded for 800 feet before striking him down. This story is one of the reasons why the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority implemented its Street Smart NJ pedestrian safety campaign. This is the third year that the campaign has been run in Long Beach. It is also spreading to other local beach areas as well.

This campaign draws attention to the fact that New Jersey ranks 14th in the United States in the number of pedestrian fatalities. They made up 25.6 percent of all traffic crash-related deaths between the years 2010 and 2014. That's close to double the national average.

While you can file a claim with your attorney's help if you're hit, it's hoped that the campaign can draw awareness to the fact that pedestrians can be at risk. It strives to make sure that both pedestrians and drivers are aware of each other.

By remembering simple slogans and road rules, the campaign educates the populous. The five slogans include "check your vital signs," "use crosswalks," "obey the speed limit," "heads up, phones down," and "stop for pedestrians." Both pedestrians and motorists are challenged to do better to help prevent future accidents.

Source: Asbury Park Press, "Campaign aims for safe streets at the Shore," Ashley Turner, July 01, 2016

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