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Children can be seriously injured in a pedestrian accident

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, unintentional pedestrian injuries are a leading cause of injury related death in the United States among children in the 5 to 19 age group.

It is important for children of all ages to become familiar with the dangers of crossing the street. Along with this, they should realize that vehicle operators are not always on the lookout, meaning that they could be injured due to a mistake made by another party.

Here are a variety of tips that can help children avoid a pedestrian accident:

-- Teach your child early on what it means to cross the street in a safe manner. This means looking both ways before taking the first step.

-- Make it clear that distractions can lead to accidents, even as a pedestrian.

-- Discuss the importance of crossing the street at corners and in a crosswalk, if available.

-- Be a good role model. For instance, you should never use your cell phone while walking across a street. If a child sees you doing so, they may assume it's okay to do the same in the future.

Anybody can be seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, including children. When a person is struck by a moving vehicle, it is imperative that they receive immediate medical attention. Due to a lack of protection, this type of accident can cause broken bones, head trauma, and much more.

As a parent, if your child has been injured in a pedestrian accident, don't hesitate to seek the best treatment. From there, you should learn more about who was responsible for causing the accident.

Source: Safe Kids, "Pedestrian Safety," accessed June 13, 2016

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