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2 killed, 1 injured in crash on Kennedy Boulevard

If you walk often and are located near busy roadways, you know how dangerous they can be. If you're struck by a driver, you have to worry about getting compensated, even though you're already dealing with an injury. Sometimes, drivers are moving so quickly or dangerously that they kill the pedestrians they impact.

That's been happening too often in one area of New Jersey. A study being performed on Kennedy Boulevard aims to find out if the area is unsafe, so changes can be made. However, with the recent deaths of two teens, it's being argued that the study isn't necessary. The area is already dangerous, and that is enough to encourage change in the way the roads in the area meet.

According to the news, one stretch of the boulevard was ranked as the most dangerous road within Hudson County based on data from 2009 through 2013. Hudson County had 18 pedestrian fatalities in 2015 alone, drawing attention in particular to this roadway.

Recently, one fatal crash resulted in a 16-year-old from Union City being severely injured and two others being killed. A 23-year-old man had been driving 74 mph in a 25 mph zone; he swerved to avoid some vehicles at the intersection, which had a red light, before jumping the curb and striking the teen and two others.

There have been changes made in the last year to help improve safety on the boulevard, but this hasn't prevented the teens' deaths. It's hoped that further changes in the future can be funded to lessen the occurrence of these accidents dramatically.

Source:, "After 2 teens die, freeholder wants end-to-end safety study for JFK Blvd," Steve Strunsky, NJ Advance Media, March 10, 2016

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