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Victims can seek compensation for drunk driving crashes

Driving under the influence is a major crime in the State of New Jersey, and it means that as a victim, you have a right to make sure that the driver of the car that hit you pays for his or her poor judgment. You can work with your attorney on a civil lawsuit to obtain compensation from the responsible party, and you may be asked to influence a criminal case as well if one is sought.

What happens to someone who causes a drunk-driving accident? There are many fines and penalties that can be considered. You may want to lobby for the person to have a more serious punishment if you or a loved one have been hurt, since the person's negligence led to injuries.

If the person is stopped and found to have been driving under the influence, the normal penalty is to take away that person's license for at least three months. Fines can range and be up to $1,000 yearly for three years. Prison is a possibility, with a limit of 30 days if the person has not been convicted in the past. Community service is also required for DUI offenders. Some may have to use an ignition interlock device while their licenses are suspended, to make sure they aren't driving drunk if they do get behind the wheel illegally. This ignition interlock device will stay in place for up to a year following the return of the person's license in some cases.

Our website has more information on your rights as a victim and what you can do to make sure this dangerous driver pays his or her dues.

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