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Questions regarding pedestrian traffic signals

As a pedestrian, you want to do whatever you can to remain safe at all times. This means becoming familiar with the many traffic signals that are meant for your safety.

Like many, especially those who do not walk on a regular basis, you may be unfamiliar with some signals. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to better understand each and every one.

Here are some common questions regarding pedestrian traffic signals:

-- Does every intersection have pedestrian signals?

-- What kinds of pedestrian signals are used, and are some more important than others?

-- What does the countdown timer mean?

-- How come words are being replaced by symbols on some pedestrian signals?

-- Is it necessary to push the button to activate the walk signal?

--Why do some buttons blink and flash but others do not?

Pedestrians need to fully understand all traffic signals, as these are meant to keep them safe. Furthermore, drivers should also become familiar with these signals, as this knowledge can help them avoid making a decision that puts another person at risk of injury.

As long as you are familiar with pedestrian traffic signals, you will know when to cross the street and when to hold off on doing so. Along with this, you should always look both ways before you cross. The reason is simple: The signal may be telling you to walk, but that doesn't mean that drivers are paying attention.

Don't let any question regarding pedestrian traffic signals go unanswered, as this could lead to a situation in which you are injured by a motor vehicle.

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