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Misdiagnoses and your right to fair compensation

Some people don't believe that they need an attorney if they're hurt by a medical professional. The truth is that most people in America will be misdiagnosed at least once, and while that doesn't necessarily seem like malpractice to some, you could have a right to claim for the error. Your attorney can help, so that you can focus on getting the right treatment or on spending time with your family.

Misdiagnoses are fairly common, but they aren't always life threatening. For instance, misdiagnosing a common cold for a chest infection will result in a patient taking antibiotics, but no one will get hurt in most cases. Other kinds of misdiagnoses can be dangerous for patients. Missing cancer symptoms, misreading charts, and other issues can lead to once treatable conditions advancing to lethal stages.

According to Scientific American, diagnostic errors may contribute to as many as 10 percent of patient deaths, and around five percent of adults in America who seek outpatient care suffer due to a diagnostic error. The problem with these errors is that once a mistake is made, it can be hard to get a patient the right care. The same X-ray may be used by multiple physicians, or they may refer to old charts that were inaccurate.

Today, diagnostic errors can only be avoided if doctors and medical professionals are trained appropriately and patients are able to review their own notes. With these helpful changes, patients could alert doctors to errors, and doctors would be educated in how to avoid making mistakes. Our website has more information about this topic and what to do if you've been misdiagnosed.

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