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Family awarded $4.85 million in University of Cincinnati shooting

Leaving near the state, you've probably heard about the story of a man killed in a shooting by a University of Cincinnati police officer in Ohio. The family of the man has finally reached a wrongful death settlement with the school, but they're not happy, according to the news.

Money isn't always the main issue with these cases; the family was awarded $4.85 million in the civil settlement, but that money isn't going to bring back their son. If you're in a similar situation, you may agree that money isn't the only solution to a problem like this; it takes reforms, criminal investigations and other factors to make a situation right, and even then, it won't bring back the person you love.

The case described the 43-year-old man being shot by a police officer when he tried to leave a traffic stop. He had been missing a front license plate, according to the claim. The attorney for the officer claimed that the officer only fired on the vehicle because he thought he was going to be dragged under the vehicle. He is, however, facing criminal charges including involuntary manslaughter and murder.

The settlement may go a distance for the family, even though it isn't going to help bring back the man. He was father to 12, and all 12 will be provided a free education for an undergraduate degree at the University of Cincinnati. The campus will put up a memorial and has issued an apology to the family. The university president also asked and invited the family to participate in a committee that could reform the university's police department.

Source: NewsMax, "Samuel Dubose Shooting: $4.85M Settlement Reached by Family, U of Cincinnati," Clyde Hughes, Jan. 19, 2016

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