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The dangers of a prescription error

When you visit a doctor, you expect to receive accurate and timely advice that can help improve your condition. As diligent as you may be, it is not your responsibility to understand why you are being prescribed particular drugs. Instead, you put your trust in your medical team.

There is never a time when it is okay for a prescription mistake. This type of error can cause serious injury and even death.

Prescription errors typically fall on your doctor or pharmacist. Some of the many problems that lead to such errors include:

-- Failure to make note that the patient has an allergy.

-- The pharmacist misreads the prescription, thus making a mistake regarding the drug or dosage.

-- Prescribing medications that are not compatible with a person's condition or other medications.

-- Computer input error.

As a patient, you don't expect any of these mistakes to happen. You trust that your doctor will send the right prescription and that the pharmacist will fill it in the appropriate manner. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of one party blaming the other, all the while you are the person suffering.

Prescription drug errors should never happen. There is never a good reason for this. Our attorneys know what these mistakes look like, and are able to help the victim receive the compensation they deserve.

If you want to learn more about prescription errors, including the types and causes, visit our "Prescription Errors" webpage. The information you consume can help you better understand what happened in the past and what you can do to improve your situation in the future.

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