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Takata recall could affect millions in the United States

If you've been hurt in an accident because your air bag went off at an inappropriate time, then you may have already spoken to your attorney or need to speak with one about your right to compensation for your injury and the recall that may explain it. According to a report from Nov. 3, the United States Department of Transportation has penalized Takata, a company that sells air bags. The DOT reports that the company's air bags have been faulty, and they had not taken the initiative they should have to recall the products to avoid injuries.

Takata has been building these defective items for years, the transportation secretary claims. Because the air bags are in so many models of vehicles, this is likely to be one of the largest and complex recalls in history in the United States.

The recall was issued in November along with a civil penalty of $200 million that the company will need to pay $70 million of in cash. Following a successful recall, the other $130 million would be dropped, but any further violations will result in it being filed against the company again.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a Coordinated Remedy Order to make sure it has its own people overseeing the future parts replacements and recalls. This is the first time the NHTSA has used its authority to accelerate defects, because it's of the opinion that leaving these vehicles on the roads poses an immense risk. According to the story, at least seven people have been killed in accidents related to this recall.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "U.S. DOT imposes largest civil penalty in NHTSA history on Takata for violating Motor Vehicle Safety Act; accelerates recalls to get safe air bags into U.S. vehicles," Gordon Trowbridge, Nov. 03, 2015

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