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Runner accused of reckless running; New Jersey law comes to light

When you get hit by a car, it's generally assumed that the driver will be at fault and you can seek compensation. If you're accused of being at fault, though, your attorney still may be able to help you get compensated. It's important to know the laws for running, so you can be in the right if you are struck. Here's an interesting story that may help.

A jogger in New Jersey has been accused of something not many people have heard of: Reckless running. A woman was running in the street, which is a common practice, and she made sure to run against traffic.

That's when a motorist suddenly backed out of a driveway and struck her. She reported that she wasn't seriously injured, but she did hit her head and shoulder when she was knocked over. She reported being a bit dizzy and disoriented, but she thought she was okay. She wanted to have a police report filed, just in case she was injured worse than she thought.

Then, an unusual thing happened. The police officer told her that because she had been in the street at the time of the accident, she was half at fault for it. There is a sidewalk in the area, but she claims it is often blocked by leaves, cars and unshoveled snow in the winter months.

The officer didn't agree with her attitude, according to her claims, and came to her home around an hour later to give her a ticket. On top of that, he reportedly told her that because of her attitude, she was being held 100 percent responsible for the accident. Interestingly, a summons is supposed to be issued to determine fault in a case like this.

Source:, "Bamboozled: Jogger, hit by car, accused of reckless running," Karin Price Mueller, Nov. 09, 2015

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