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Driver in fatal tanker accident issued summons

According to New Jersey State Police, the driver of a vehicle carrying mattresses that caused a fatal tanker accident in New Jersey has been issued a summons. The 26-year-old man was cited for not securing the mattresses in an appropriate manner.

As a result of the crash, a 40-year-old Newark man was killed. Before coming to the United States to work as a truck driver, the man was a police officer in India. Police noted that he lost control of the tanker as he attempted to avoid the mattresses that made their way onto the road.

The accident, which occurred in the afternoon, also involved a Honda SUV, with its driver suffering minor injuries as well.

Following the accident, a stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike was closed down as police investigated. The smoke from the vehicles was so thick that it could be seen from many miles away, even an hour after the accident occurred.

The driver has been issued a summons to appear in Kearny Municipal Court on Nov. 19. At this time, the man has not been reached for comment.

This accident was caused by a driver who did not secure cargo to his vehicle in the appropriate manner. For the time being, it is a waiting game for all involved. However, this is soon to change with the next phase of the legal process coming on Nov. 19.

Drivers need to be aware that cargo can come loose at any time. When this happens, it is others on the roadways who are at risk of being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, these accidents can cause injury or death. Victims and their families may be able to hold the at-fault drivers responsible through a civil lawsuit.

Source:, "N.J. driver issued summons for fallen mattresses in fatal tanker crash on Turnpike, police say," Patrick Villanova, The Jersey Journal, Oct. 26, 2015

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