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What shoulder dystocia means for your child

No one wants to think about a child being hurt during birth. The birthing process is meant to be safe, and with the medical staff and technology needed on hand, no child should have to suffer. Sometimes, negligence or poor responses to situations that are dangerous can result in a child being injured, which is when you, as a parent, can talk to your attorney about seeking compensation. The errors made can usually be avoided, so you shouldn't be paying for those mistakes.

One of the common issues women can face is having a baby who is too large to fit through the vagina during a vaginal birth. Normally, doctors and nurses keep a close eye on children to make sure they won't get stuck, but in some cases, a cesarean section is delayed and delivery begins. Unfortunately, this kind of delivery can be incredibly dangerous for babies and their mothers, because it's slow and has serious risks.

Shoulder dystocia is the medical term for when a baby's head is delivered vaginally, but his or her shoulder is stuck inside. This can create a very dangerous and painful situation requiring a baby to be cut out of the vagina, which could be avoided with a C-section.

There are a number of risk factors that can be identified during a woman's pregnancy to show that this is likely to happen during delivery, but sometimes it's impossible to tell until labor begins. At that point, if your baby is large or in the wrong position, your doctor should suggest a safer alternative for vaginal delivery, which would be a C-section.

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