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Surgery often involves drug errors

When it comes to surgery, you really have to place your trust in the medical team. For many types of surgery, you may be completely unconscious, and you have to be confident that they will not make any mistakes or cause you any harm.

Unfortunately, a recent study has shown that mistakes and errors are fairly common, especially when it comes to the drugs that are being used.

The study was carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the top medical centers in the country, and it was done by the anesthesiology department's researchers. They watched 277 procedures, noting mistakes that were made. The data was then extrapolated, and what they found was that roughly 50 percent of surgeries done in the U.S. are tainted by medication errors of some kind.

Medication errors could include things like giving out the wrong medication, providing the wrong dosage, or seeing side effect that were not anticipated.

This contradicts other studies that have been done in the past. In these studies, medication errors only rarely happened and it was assumed that there was not too much of a danger to patients. However, doctors were often just told to self-report these types of mistakes for the older studies, whereas this information was gathered by actually watching and noting the mistakes—no matter what the surgeons said after the fact.

It's worth noting that some errors did not have any direct impact on the patients, but that patients were harmed in about 33 percent of the cases.

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