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Da Vinci robotic surgeries could result in injuries to patients

Since the 1980s, there have been operations performed using robots to assist surgeons. These robotically-assisted surgeries are now much more common, because the surgeon can use the robot to perform small, precise movements, like incisions, without the fear of human error.

The problem with these systems is that they are still prone to errors. Malfunctions can cause the robot to fail to release tissues or other parts of the body that the robot is holding onto. Tip covers can break off or become damaged, and that can lead to burns and other damage that affect the patient following surgery.

Da Vinci robot surgery is primarily provided by Intuitive, a manufacturer of the devices. The Food and Drug Administration has warned the company in the past that it did not notify medical providers or patients about DaVinci surgical system malfunctions appropriately.

Patients could be put at risk of injuries or death. In some noted cases, the vaginal cuff was not sealed properly during the suturing performed by the robot, and that was said to lead to improper hysterectomies. Fatal mistakes have also been made that have resulted in the death of patients.

If you've been hurt by a da Vinci robotic procedure, then you're in a position to file a claim with an attorney. The key is deciding which kind of claim to make. Is it medical malpractice? If the surgeon wasn't trained properly on the device, it could be. If the robot had a design flaw, then a claim against the manufacturer is more likely to succeed. If a death occurs, then a wrongful death case could be filed against the manufacturer or hospital.

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