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Charges not yet filed against van driver who caused accident

At this time, charges have yet to be filed against a 26-year-old van driver who lost several mattresses on the New Jersey Turnpike. As a result, a tanker truck driver was forced to swerve out of the way, leading to his vehicle flipping over a guardrail. Subsequently, the vehicle caught fire, killing the driver.

A dashboard camera in another truck captured the accident, showing the trucker swerving to avoid hitting an SUV that moved in front if it.

Another driver who captured the accident noted that he saw a cargo van carrying four mattresses on its roof, approximately 10 minutes before the crash. He added the following:

"It looked like the SUV before the tanker hit his brakes and cut in front of the tanker. The tanker, of course, tried not to hit him, and it looked like he was going over to the left and he corrected -- but gravity took over and brought him over right onto the guardrail."

At this time, there is no additional information regarding how the mattresses were secured to the van. That being said, the New Jersey Turnpike prohibits vehicles from traveling with an improperly secured load.

This story shows that a motor vehicle accident can happen at any time, especially if one driver makes a poor decision.

In this case, the outcome was fatal, with the innocent driver of a truck being killed because of a potentially improper load. When this type of accident occurs, anybody involved should receive medical attention. From there, victims can learn more about their rights.

Source: NBC New York, "No Charges Filed Against Van Driver Whose Loose Mattresses Caused Deadly Tanker Accident on Turnpike," Ray Villeda and Brian Thompson, Oct. 08, 2015

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