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Doctor charged with fondling female patients

When it comes to medical malpractice, many people overlook the fact that this could present in the form of sexual harassment.

A Fair Lawn cardiologist is dealing with allegations that he fondled female patients. As a result, he has agreed to have his medical license temporarily suspended until the criminal case is settled.

The man is required to forward his controlled dangerous substance registration, state prescription blanks in his name, and his license to the Board of Medical Examiners.

In February, the doctor was indicted on six counts of criminal sexual contact. By signing the order with the board that will result in a temporary license suspension, he is making it clear that the charges will be contested and that he is not admitting to any wrongdoing at this time. He continues to maintain that his conduct was "professionally and ethically permissible, as well as medically necessary."

Despite the fact that the doctor is temporarily banned from treating patients or providing medical services, he is still allowed to deal with any administrative matters pertaining to his practice.

The case against the doctor has been going strong since May 2012. This is when the first female patient contacted police to report that the doctor fondled her during a medical examination. This led to his indictment in 2014.

If people want to remain healthy, they need to put their faith and trust in doctors. Unfortunately, there are times when medical professionals cross the line. When this happens, patients need to know their rights and how to deal with the issue in the appropriate manner.

Source:, "Fair Lawn doctor charged with fondling patients agrees to temporarily suspend his license," Jean Rimbach, The Record, Sep. 03, 2015

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