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You can fight back after your child suffers a birth injury

Children suffer from birth injuries every year. While the number of birth injuries reported aren't extremely high, even one birth injury is too many. Mothers go to the hospital or work with midwives to help prevent injuries. They take medications and prepare themselves for the pain and extreme rush of labor. To help this along, medical staff members should be monitoring the mother for any health concerns and should also be keeping an eye on the baby. When the staff is negligent or doesn't provide a Cesarean section or medications quickly enough, a baby and his or her mother could be at risk.

If your child has suffered a birth injury, you know how hard it could be for him or her to live normally. Cerebral Palsy could make it hard for the child to walk correctly or could leave him or her bound to a wheelchair for life. The child may need medical assistance regularly, as well. A brain injury could result in seizures or mental defects leading to a plethora of mental health and physical deficiencies. Failing to make sure a child gets enough oxygen during birth could result in asphyxiation, suffocating the child as he or she is being born.

Not every birth injury is a result of negligence, because some genetic issues simply can't be avoided. While that's true, failing to diagnose a problem or failing to provide a necessary service isn't acceptable behavior from a medical professional.

Our website has more information about your rights as a parent. You deserve answers about what happened to cause your child's birth injuries and how the medical facility intends to compensate you.

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