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What are birth injuries?

Regardless of what happens at birth, you love your child and want the best for them. You plan for the best, but even best-case scenarios can end badly if a doctor or nurse isn't vigilant in protecting you or your child. In cases of negligence, abuse or misdiagnoses, you are in a situation where you deserve answers.

If a child is hurt at birth, the injury is known as a birth injury. The injury could have been caused by physical forces during the birth, neglect or pre-delivery issues. When something goes wrong during birth, there is a chance that the parents may want to collect compensation for the birth injury, especially if it will affect their child in the long term.

Some issues during birth can be attributed to negligence. Things like failing to monitor a medical condition like gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia could lead to difficulties for a child. Cerebral palsy, for instance, could be the result if one of the mentioned disorders results in a lack of oxygen reaching the child.

There are a few other times when parents could have a negligence case. Did you point out a problem with bleeding or feeling unwell but didn't get treated or observed? If you suffer early labor or other issues that could have been prevented if someone had taken the time to review your health, then you could claim negligence.

If a baby is injured by forceps or a mother has to have an emergency Cesarean section due to not monitoring the size of the child correctly, these are also issues that could lead to a claim.

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