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Speed is a risk factor in car accidents, injuries

No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, you should know the speed limit at all times. This ensures that you are driving at a safe pace.

When a person drives faster than the speed limit, they are at a greater risk of causing an accident. Furthermore, speed has been identified as a risk factor related to accident injuries. In other words, the faster a vehicle is moving, the greater chance there is of serious injury in the event of an accident.

Think about it this way: the faster a vehicle is traveling, the less time the driver has to stop, especially in an emergency situation.

Despite the fact that every driver has the ability to drive the speed limit, there are many factors that affect speed. These can include but are not limited to:

-- Driver factors, such as gender, age, number of passengers and alcohol or drug use.

-- Vehicle factors, such as how much power the engine has and the maximum speed.

-- Traffic, including weather conditions and number of cars on the road.

There are many situations that can lead to a motor vehicle accident, and speed is at the top of the list. If every driver would follow the posted speed limit, the number of accidents would decrease. Along with this, injuries would not be as severe.

As a driver, you should understand the importance of following the posted speed limit at all times. Along with this, be aware of others who are driving too fast. Keeping your distance can lessen the chance of an accident.

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