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What are birth injuries to look for after delivery?

A birth injury can be natural or occur as a result of errors during, before, or after delivery. While many injuries resolve without treatment, some will not heal or may take many years to heal correctly. Immediate and prompt treatment is often required to make sure injuries or potential injuries don't affect your child in the long run, and medical malpractice in New Jersey will be important to rule out.

A difficult delivery is one reason a natural injury could happen. For instance, a baby's collar bone could be broken as it tries to leave the birth canal. However, other injuries that are not natural are also possible during difficult deliveries that take too long. For instance, if the baby goes through asphyxia due to a lack of oxygen, this could be linked to a doctor's lack of monitoring and delayed treatment. Your baby could suffer brain damage or other issues due to the lack of oxygen.

The baby's head takes much of the pressure during delivery due to it being the first part of the body out of the birth canal. Head injuries can be possible. Subdural hemorrhages, subarachnoid hemorrhages, and other kinds of bleeding can lead to poor feeding, seizures, and lethargy, so if a baby has those symptoms, the medical team should be monitoring him or her and taking appropriate steps to relieve the pressure on the brain. Failing to do this can lead to serious complication.

Babies with brain hemorrhages should receive support from the medial team. Warmth is necessary along with intravenous fluids and medications as necessary. If the baby suffers a subdural hemorrhage, a surgeon should perform surgery to stop the bleeding.

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