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Man admits to leaving pedestrian in road after collision

As a pedestrian, you want to believe that if you got hurt, the person responsible would stay at the scene and help you. If you were hit by a car, you'd hope that the driver would be honest and responsible, helping you get medical care and treatment instead of leaving you to suffer in the roadway.

That's not what happened for a pedestrian in New Jersey in March, though. A man in Stillwater has admitted that he left the scene of a car accident after he struck a pedestrian, leaving the pedestrian injured in the road. A June 2 report discusses how the 19-year-old man has now pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault by auto for the accident as well as for having an uninsured vehicle and for driving recklessly after leaving his friend's home that night.

The accident took place at around midnight, the news reports, and the teen admitted that he had been using his phone when he suddenly struck the 37-year-old pedestrian. After the accident, the teen fled the scene and was not located for several days. When he was discovered, he was at home along with his vehicle, which was damaged on the hood. The vehicle had no license plates and still had a cracked windshield from the accident.

When the teen appeared in court, he stated that he did learn that the man he stuck had suffered serious bodily harm. The 37-year-old pedestrian survived, but he had to be taken to Morristown Medical Center for treatment. The sentence for this accident could be up to 18 months in the New Jersey State Prison, but it's believed that the judge may order probation only.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Stillwater man admits to leaving scene of accident after hitting pedestrian," Joe Carlson, June 02, 2015

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