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33-year-old man killed in TGI Fridays by underage intoxicated man

If you are eating at a restaurant and see someone who wants to cause trouble for you, you hope that they simply won't bother or that the staff will pay attention to the obvious tension. If someone is requesting alcoholic drinks, you'd think the restaurant would check ID and make sure the amount of alcohol ordered wasn't too great, because that could lead to intoxication and violent or aggressive situations. Unfortunately, in this case, the restaurant did make errors in judgement that led to one man's death.

Based in New Jersey, Briad Restaurant Group, the company that owns TGI Fridays, has been involved in a serious wrongful death lawsuit in California. A man who was visiting the restaurant for a meal was stabbed during an argument with his girlfriend's son. The man who was killed, a 33-year-old, was attacked after the restaurant served the younger man around 12 servings of alcohol within a half hour.

In the wrongful death lawsuit, the man's parents argued that the restaurant's operator and employees should have been checking the man's identification before serving him. At the time of the murder, the younger man was only 20 and not legally allowed to drink alcohol. On top of that, the business continued to serve him even though he was intoxicated.

The suit claims that the business was more focused on profit than on safety, showing how the 20-year-old had been served too much alcohol and how there had been assaults and a lack of security at the restaurant in the past.

In court, the parents were awarded $40 million for their son's death. The Briad Restaurant Group was found 55 percent responsible for the death of the 33-year-old man and the two men who attacked the 33-year-old man were found 45 percent responsible.

Source: Claims Journal, "California Jury Awards $40M in Wrongful Death Suit Over TGI Friday Killing," June 22, 2015

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