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You deserve to use safe products that don't malfunction

Those who create products for the public have a responsibility to make those products safe. Every time you use an item, whether it's a microwave, children's bassinet, or bicycle, you count on the fact that the item is meant to be safe for use. Even a small miscalculation on tightening screws or the support strength of ties could result in injury when you use the products, and that's not fair to you as a consumer.

Malfunctions are just one of many issues you may run into. A microwave that heats up too hot and catches on fire could burn down a home; a toaster with faulty electrical units could blow out all your home's fuses or cause electric shocks. Bicycles without strong enough metals could collapse as you ride; the possibilities for injuries are seemingly endless, but they don't have to happen.

Safety guards are in place on many items to prevent crushing injuries or injuries resulting from shocks, lacerations, or other impacts. Safety features that aren't installed or that weren't installed correctly could mean that you're in unnecessary danger of harm, and no one deserves to live with the suffering that can come after a serious injury due to a malfunctioning product.

Our website has more information about malfunctioning products and product liability. Whether you were at home, at work, or at school when a product resulted in an accident and injury, you deserve answers as to why that product is on the market. With some persistence and assistance, you can seek the compensation you need following your injuries.

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