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New Jersey's wait times too long for emergency care

Medical malpractice is typically more than just having to wait for a long period of time to be seen in an emergency room, but if doctors are neglectful toward you when you're in serious condition, then you may be able to claim that malpractice took place. Something interesting that you may want to know about your state is the list of emergency room wait times. Knowing the emergency rooms with the longest wait times can help you decide where to head in an emergency.

Unfortunately for many in New Jersey, the three emergency rooms with the longest wait times are all in Newark. These emergency rooms, which should ideally be seeing patients within minutes of entering the hospital, can take up to 1.5 hours to see a patient. Three hospitals, Newark Beth Israel, Saint Michael's Medical Center and University Hospital all have wait times that are over an hour, even though the patient could need emergency care sooner.

While the wait times can be high at peak hours, if you have an emergency at an off time, like 3 a.m. on a Tuesday, for instance, then there's typically fewer people in the waiting area, so you'll be seen faster. However, you can't rely on that, which is why these hospitals were ranked low for wait times.

It's not just wait times to be seen that take too long; it was also found that patients with broken bones who needed pain medications had to wait nearly an hour in New Jersey to get those medications; that's on top of the wait to be seen and to get an X-ray.

Source: NJ Spotlight, "The list: Emergency Rooms with the Longest Waiting Times in New Jersey," Andrew Kitchenman, May. 04, 2015

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