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Living in New Jersey, you hear about pedestrian accidents nearly daily. High-speed highways and dangerous areas in the city and town areas can make it difficult to be a pedestrian, and even one wrong step can lead to an injury. Unfortunately, you don't have to be the one who makes a mistake to be injured.

Sometimes, drivers aren't as careful as they should be. Someone may be texting and driving, driving drunk, or simply not paying attention. When a driver chooses to multitask when driving, he or she is putting everyone on the road at risk. Sometimes, nothing goes wrong. Other times, lives are put at risk and people get hurt.

If you've suffered an injury caused by a driver who went through a red light or failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing, it's important that you discuss your case with someone with the knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve. You shouldn't sign a settlement or agree to payments before you understand the full implications of your injury. You could be facing a life of medical treatments or multiple surgeries, so it's important to consider everything that's going to affect you now and later in life before you decide on how much money to accept.

Your well-being following an accident is something that matters to you and your family. You want to be cared for and to live well, even if you are now disabled or struggling with pain. Our website has more information on seeking compensation from a negligent driver, so you can learn about the ways you can be compensated.

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