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The dangers of dehydrated driving

There are laws in place to prevent drinking and driving. There are also laws in place to prevent distracted driving. But did you know that dehydrated driving can be every bit as dangerous?

According to a new study published by Physiology and Behavior, dehydrated driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving with regard to the number of mistakes a driver could potentially make while behind the wheel.

Those who participated in the study used a driving simulator to partake in two days worth of exams. On day one, they were given one cup of water every hour. At the end of testing, 47 driving errors were recorded. On day two, drivers were only given small sips every hour. As a result, the number of errors reached 101.

Some of the driving errors included late braking, lane drifting, and crossing the lane line. In a real life situation, all of these errors could lead to an accident.

According to the lead researcher, dehydration can have an impact how the driver's brain functions. Subsequently, he or she does not have the skills needed, such as reaction time, to make the right decisions on the road.

It goes without saying that police are not in position to pull people over for dehydrated driving. For this reason, it is up to drivers to make sure they are hydrated every time they get behind the wheel. This may sound silly to some, but it is important. A dehydrated driver is one that has a lesser chance of causing an accident that harms or kills another.

Source: Woman's Day, "Why You Should Never EVER Drive While Dehydrated," accessed April. 29, 2015

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