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Car carrier accident injures at least 1 in New Jersey

Traffic in New Jersey can be tight and congested; if you have to travel on Interstate 80 near Elmwood Park, then you know that backups and slow traffic are a part of life. Recently, an accident was the cause of a major backup on the highway; it left at least one person in need of medical care and multiple other people left with damaged vehicles.

Typically, when large commercial vehicles are on the roads, other drivers give them a large berth, allowing them to slow and speed up according to their needs. The heavy vehicles sometimes aren't easy to control, and that was proven when this car carrier lost control. As the vehicle went out of its lane, it was said to have struck at least 10 other vehicles on the road, according to the New Jersey State Police.

An impact from such a large commercial vehicle can be devastating, and several people are feeling the impact on their lives. At least three of the vehicles hit had heavy damage, and one car became trapped between a truck and the car carrier. One person had to be rushed to the hospital following the accident, but no reports about the person's condition have been released.

The New Jersey State Police haven't given any indication of why the vehicle lost control. Usually, after an accident like this, an investigation has to take place. The investigation gives the police and witnesses time to speak and allows evidence to be taken from the scene. This helps determine who caused the accident and can prove the reason the accident took place.

Source: CBS New York, "News Accident Involving Car-Carrier Snarls Interstate 80 In Elmwood Park, N.J." Mar. 13, 2015

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