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Brain related birth injury

It doesn't matter if you are giving birth to a child in New Jersey or another state, you know one thing to be true: You want everything to go as planned from beginning to end. After all, there is nothing more important than the health of your newborn child.

There are unfortunate situations in which an infant is injured at birth. Sometimes, this is no fault of the medical team in charge. Other times, one medical professional, or more, makes a mistake that lead to the injury.

According to the Birth Injury Guide, cerebral palsy is the number one brain related birth injury. This can be the result of oxygen deprivation, maternal infection, infant infection, and infant stroke.

Many parents are unaware of the fact that cerebral palsy could have been eliminated had a physician or other medical professional taken the appropriate steps. Here are some of the negligent acts that can lead to cerebral palsy:

-- Failure to monitor fetal distress

-- Failure to use tools in the appropriate manner

-- Failure to detect and treat an infection

-- Failure to identify a prolapsed umbilical cord

-- Failure to move forward with an emergency C-section

Nobody wants to consider the fact that their child could be injured before, during, or shortly after birth. You don't want this to enter your mind, but being prepared can help you and your baby avoid trouble.

If a child does suffer a brain related birth injury, it is essential for the appropriate treatment to be administered sooner rather than later. This can help lessen the impact and improve the long term prognosis.

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