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61 people injured in massive pile-up in New Jersey

When you're driving in icy conditions, you need to be careful and give yourself extra time to stop. If you see someone salting the road, it's normal to move over or slow down and let them work. When these things don't happen, then accidents may.

In New Jersey, one worker on the turnpike witnessed a horrible pileup accident when the roads iced over as day turned to night. The woman had just been told that the lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike were getting icy, so she was preparing to salt the roads when a tractor-trailer jackknifed and started a chain reaction.

The accidents, which started at around 9:00 p.m. seemed to take place due to sudden rain showers that left the roads slushy and iced over. Even though salt trucks were on their way and starting to salt the highway, the speed limit was reduced, and drivers could tell the conditions were worsening, it wasn't enough. Reports state that eight people called to say they had been in accidents on the turnpike, and one called to say a bus had crashed and she had to crawl out through one of the vehicle's windows.

These accidents took place in February, and with the final report coming in now, it's been shown that 61 people were injured and one driver was killed when the chain-reaction crashes happened. The New Jersey Turnpike employees along with the Turnpike Authority were investigated, and it was found they had been diligent in their duties that night. That means that anyone injured by another driver has to claim against that driver, not the Authority.

Source:, "Turnpike turned deadly in an instant on night of chain reaction crash, state report details," Larry Higgs, March. 25, 2015

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