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You have a right to informed consent in New Jersey

As a patient who needs medical care, you're entitled to something known as informed consent. This "informed consent" process is when a medical care team or doctor provides a treatment plan to a patient, so the patient can be informed about the possible side effects, dangers and benefits of the procedures or medications.

Informed consent laws require your medical provider to tell you those risks, benefits and any alternative options you have before you give your consent to proceed. If he doesn't do so, you're entering into medical care without full knowledge of your options, and that is against the law.

If you're not informed about the potential dangers and suffer an injury, for example, then you may be able to claim for damages. The entire concept of informed consent is there to make sure you are the one making the decisions you choose about your body. A physician is meant to aid you in this challenge by providing you with all the information available about your condition and options to treat it. Then, because you're informed, you can make an educated decision about your care. By taking this away from you, your rights have been violated and a medical provider has had his own opinion on your treatment used above the choice you would have made, even if it would have been the same.

The failure to obtain informed consent is medical negligence. This can result in accusations of battery or other charges. Our website has more information about informed consent laws in New Jersey and what you should do if you weren't informed before you underwent surgery or other procedures. Don't let your rights get trampled on; you deserve to have your voice heard after facing this kind of negligence.

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