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Do you know how to prevent car accidents?

As a driver in the state of New Jersey, you know that traffic can move fast at all times of the day. You also know there are other vehicles you need to share the road with.

The more you learn about how to prevent car accidents, the better off you will be. This does not guarantee that you will never be involved in an incident with another vehicle. This does not guarantee that you will never cause an accident yourself. What it does do, however, is lessen your chance of being part of an accident.

Here are three simple to implement tips that can help you prevent car accidents:

-- Stay out of the fast lane. This is particularly true in New Jersey, where drivers often exceed the speed limit. Stay in the "slow lane" and you will feel safer.

-- Focus on the road. It doesn't matter what is going on inside your vehicle, you should never take your eyes of the road. Don't answer that text message. Don't pick up that bottle of water. Don't talk too much with passengers. Instead, all your attention should be on the road.

-- Beware of blind spots. If a vehicle is in your blind spot, it can quickly lead to an accident. Make sure you are aware of these spots at all times.

Unfortunately, your best efforts to prevent a car accident are not always good enough. Another driver could make a mistake that causes a crash. Even so, you should always practice good driver safety. You will feel much better about avoiding an accident, and all the subsequent trouble, when doing so.

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