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Cerebral palsy: A serious birth injury

There is no two ways about it: any birth injury should be considered serious. Not only can this impact a child early in life, but some injuries can require treatment for many years into the future.

Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious birth injuries. Furthermore, approximately 10,000 infants in the United States alone develop this condition. As noted on our website, this is a "permanent and irreversible crippling condition affecting the central nervous system."

Many people are under the impression that cerebral palsy is an illness, not an injury. However, this is not true. This can be caused by medical malpractice, more specifically oxygen deprivation. For example, this could happen if the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the infant's neck during delivery.

It goes without saying that not every birth related injury is the result of medical negligence. That being said, this is often the case. There are many medical professionals that take part in the delivery of a child, all of which have an obligation to promote a safe and healthy environment.

If a child is injured due to medical malpractice, it is the parents that need to step in to determine what to do next. In addition to finding the best treatment, some begin to dig around for more information as to the cause of the injury.

If you want to learn more about cerebral palsy, as well as other birth injuries, our website is a good place to start. You can learn more on our webpage entitled "birth injury." This will help you better understand the law.

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