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Fatalities high in Essex County, New Jersey

Living in New Jersey, you may wonder how your area stacks up to others in regards to traffic accidents. The New Jersey State Police keep information on yearly accidents and those resulting in fatalities, so you can break down this information by county. How does Essex County compare to the rest of the state?

According to the information from the police, Essex County had 40 fatalities in a total of 37 crashes in 2013. Of those who were killed, 18 were drivers, eight were passengers, one was a cyclist, and 13 were pedestrians. Looking at these statistics, you can tell a few things. For instance, Essex County had the third highest number of pedestrian fatalities in the state. The other two counties that had more were Bergen and Middlesex.

Essex County is also an area that sees some of the highest rates of traffic fatalities. Looking at the information, you can see that the only areas with more fatalities are Middlesex with 52, Ocean with 49 and Atlantic County with 42 fatalities. Essex County was on par with most other counties when it came to the number of bicyclists killed, but it had the third highest number of passengers killed in motor vehicle accidents.

What can this tell you about the area? Essex County is busy, and the roadways are some of the least safe in the state. Safer areas, like Cape May with only five accidents and fatalities or Sussex with only six total fatalities, may have better roadways or markings. Perhaps even traffic enforcement is stronger. There's no way to know for sure from the present statistics why the area has more accidents, but if you're involved in a crash, it does support that the area may be more dangerous than others. You may be able to use this information to your advantage as you seek compensation for your case.

Source: New Jersey State Police, "Fatal Accident Investigation Unit" Dec. 09, 2014

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