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New Jersey worried about guardrail safety in car accidents

The state of New Jersey, just the same as many others, is worried about the use of a guardrail part that could cause serious injury or death in the event of an accident.

New Jersey, led by New Jersey Department of Transportation officials, has banned the use of the Trinity ET-Plus guardrail end terminal. Safety concerns regarding the guardrail system continue to circulate, which has led to it being banned in 30 states. In the event that a vehicle strikes the end terminal head-on, the guardrail beam could pierce the vehicle, thus leading to injury or death.

New Jersey, as well as the rest of the states, are waiting for additional information and test results from the federal government. A spokesperson for the NJ DOT said, "The department will continue to work with the Federal Highway Administration on this issue. The NJDOT's top priority is the safety of motorists on our highways."

Last month, the Federal Highway Administration contacted Trinity to inform them that additional crash testing is necessary. An official for the FHWA backed this up by saying, "We are requiring Trinity to provide us with a plan to re-test the device in order to make sure it meets crash test criteria as it has in the past."

Nobody intends to crash into a guardrail, but this does happen on roadways throughout the country on a regular basis. If a Trinity ET-Plus guardrail end terminal is in place, many states believe there is a greater chance of injury or death.

If a person is injured in a car accident, he or she may want to speak with an attorney to pinpoint the negligent party.

Source:, "N.J. bans guardrail piece allegedly tied to deaths, joins 30 other states" Larry Higgs, Nov. 05, 2014

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