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New Jersey car accidents reduced in 2013, still falling

Living in New Jersey, it may seem like car accidents happen all the time. In reality, the numbers are dropping. If you've been hurt in an accident, that may not seem like a statistic that can help you, but it can prove that negligence and other factors could have caused your accident.

The number of people who have died in New Jersey due to traffic accidents has continued to decline through 2013, a state police report has indicated, with a total of 48 fewer people dying in crashes during 2013 than in 2012. Still, despite this positive outcome, distracted and negligent driving have been cited as the top factors in accidents and fatal crashes. Now, safety officials are determined to push for safety efforts that can reduce negligence on the roadways.

In 2013, there were 542 people killed in fatal accidents. In 2012, that number was up, bringing the death toll to 590. They also reported that in 2011, over 600 people were killed in traffic accidents. So, the numbers are improving, and the state coordinator for the National Motorists Association state chapter has said that the totals are added on to a now 20-year downward trend.

What's helping reduce the number of fatalities? Some would say it's the gains made for seat belt use. For instance, New Jersey leads to the United States with a 93 percent usage rate in safer vehicles. That means that people in those circumstances are surviving accidents others may not.

Enforcement and education are what may make the difference when it comes to inattentive and negligent drivers, a spokesman for the state Division of Highway Traffic Safety suggested. 2013 was reportedly the first year that officials had federal funding for distracted driving enforcement.

Source:, "542 people died in crashes on N.J roads last year, distracted driving cited as a major reason" Larry Higgs, Nov. 04, 2014

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