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You may have a right to compensation after a pedestrian accident

When you're in an accident in New Jersey or New York that is not your fault, you need to take the steps necessary to be compensated for your injuries. When you're a pedestrian, no matter the injuries you received, you never had a chance against the weight and speed of a motor vehicle. You do have a chance to seek the money you'll need to recover in comfort, though.

New York City is always dangerous for pedestrians. There is a lot of traffic, and vehicles can speed through the streets as they rush to their final destinations. Jaywalking may still be a crime in New York and New Jersey, but did you know that it doesn't matter and that you can still seek compensation for your injuries even if you were jaywalking? Just because you were in the roadway doesn't mean the driver gets a free pass. The driver should always be aware of what's in front of his or her vehicle.

In a pedestrian accident, it's possible for your injuries and bills to be covered by something called no-fault insurance. This kind of insurance doesn't require fault to be determined, so neither party is held responsible. What's interesting is that in New Jersey and New York, this insurance kicks in for pedestrian accidents, since there may not be witnesses and stories can differ.

If you're interested in learning how you can obtain the compensation you need to get back on your feet after a pedestrian accident, visit our webpage on the topic to find out more. You don't have to suffer from bills you can't pay on top of your injuries; there are ways to get the responsible party to pay.

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