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Breast cancer and medical malpractice in New Jersey

Breast cancer is something no woman, or man, ever wants to face. It's a dangerous condition that can be life threatening. Through the last several years, activism in New Jersey has brought attention to breast cancer and treatments have begun to become available. The unfortunate truth is, though, that an alarming number of patients don't have their cancer recognized in time.

Doctors take tests like mammograms to analyze the dense breast tissue and to be sure that cancer isn't present. If your doctor missed or misread a mammogram, not seeing the cancer starting inside you can be dangerous to your health. When caught early, you may be able to have the cancer removed or eliminated; if you don't catch it soon enough, it can spread and put your life in danger. Sometimes, full mastectomies are required, and that could leave you with scarring and deformation. In cases like this, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be an option for you.

If you're facing pain or living through time with cancer because of medical malpractice, you have the right to seek compensation. Your compensation can be used for whatever you see fit, from your medical needs to providing for your family. If it's your loved one who has suffered due to an incorrect diagnosis or poor medical treatment, you may be able to seek compensation as her family member, as well.

No one wants to go through a medical malpractice case, but you have a right to seek the money you need for the pain you've been caused. Click here to learn more about what you can do in this situation; you don't have to fight this alone.

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