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Birth injuries can lead to many health concerns

It does not matter if you are one of our New Jersey readers or reside in another state, you or your partner may have gone through labor in the past. If everything went as planned and as it is supposed to, you may not have much knowledge of birth injuries. On the other hand, some people are not as fortunate.

A birth injury can lead to many health concerns in the first few days of the child's life, as well as into the future. To better understand just how severe a birth injury can be, it is important to become familiar with some of the most common types:

-- Caput succedaneum. This is the swelling of the scalp's soft tissues, often resulting in bruising as well.

-- Forceps marks. If forceps are used during the delivery process, the chance of leaving bruises or marks on the child's head and face exists.

-- Facial paralysis. Pressure on a baby's face during birth or labor can lead to damage to the facial nerve.

-- Brachial palsy. This happens if the brachial plexus is injured in some way during delivery. In the event that a nerve is torn, the end result may be permanent nerve damage.

No parent wants to think about the possibility of his or her baby being injured during labor, but this can and does happen for a number of reasons. In some cases, a medical professional does not act in the appropriate manner, which leads to the injury. If that happens, the parents may wish to speak with an attorney about their legal rights.

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