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Two teens killed on dangerous curve in Roslyn Heights

Many reports covering a single-vehicle accident may describe suspicions of driver error, speeding and other issues that law enforcement suspects may have been involved in the accident. When a crash occurs on a curve, it may seem that the driver took the curve too fast. But, some single vehicle accidents may not involve driver negligence. If a car or SUV has a design issue, the flaw may affect stability on a curve. Similarly, if the curve itself is dangerous, many drivers may have trouble navigating the road.

The issue of a dangerous curve was on the minds of town officials in Roslyn Heights, Long Island recently. A man who lives near the curve says that accidents are a real problem. CBS 2 in New York says that town officials held a safety meeting regarding the dangerous curve. It was only a matter of hours after that meeting was held that two college kids lost their lives at the curve.

Authorities say that a 19-year-old man missed the curve early Wednesday morning. His car slammed into a tree near the road. The impact claimed the lives of the driver and his 19-year-old friend. Each of the young men died at the scene.

A homeowner who lives at the curve on Roslyn Road at Locust Lane told CBS 2 that three cars have struck his home. He has had meetings with officials from the town, as well as county authorities—including a meeting on Tuesday afternoon about a half-day before the latest tragedy.

CBS says that the town and county claims road improvements at the dangerous intersection are underway. A speed indicator was placed on the road Thursday and safety improvements are planned, according to the news account.

Source: CBS 2 New York, “CBS 2 Exclusive: Another Deadly L.I. Accident Just Hours After Safety Meeting About Curve,” Mar. 6, 2014

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