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Teen killed in dog attack in Paterson, New Jersey

The types of injuries that people can suffer in an animal attack can vary widely. When dogs bite a human, the strength of the dog’s jaws is only one aspect of the danger involved. A dog’s teeth can inflict a great deal of damage to a person. Unfortunately, kids are frequently the victims of a dog attack.

Prosecutors in Passaic County, New Jersey, say that a bull mastiff escaped from a fenced-in back yard in Paterson on Saturday afternoon. Two 13-year-old boys met up with the loose dog, and that meeting turned tragic. Authorities say that the dog attacked the two boys. The boys split up, running in different directions after the attack.

Authorities say that one of the boys was reported missing, while the other was discovered quickly by a neighbor with injuries to his hand. Then the grim discovery of the missing boy’s body shocked the neighborhood. The 13-year-old boy was found dead near the back yard from which the dog had escaped. Officials plan to perform an autopsy to learn more about the exact cause of death.

Neighbors have told media outlets that the dog has escaped before. One neighbor says that the dog previously attacked her son, according to CBS New York. Authorities continue to investigate the most recent horrific event.

Essentially, under New Jersey law a single attack may be sufficient to support a personal injury or wrongful death claim related to a dog attack. A victim does not have to prove that anyone knew that a dog was dangerous before it attacked.

Source: CBS New York, “One 13-Year-Old Boy Dead, One Hurt, After Dog Attack In Paterson, N.J.,” March 1, 2014

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