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Rim from truck causes New Jersey Turnpike accident

If the topic of a motor-vehicle accident comes up, people may conjure an image about what may have caused the wreck. Driver error, distracted driving, drunk driving or other issues may be common topics for discussion in the aftermath of an accident. Certainly these issues are commonly involved. But, motor-vehicle accident investigations often need to focus on the complete picture.

Car barrels into Irvington, New Jersey supermarket injuring 3

People may often think of a pedestrian accident as involving a person walking along a roadway. People struck by a moving car are typically walking or standing near a city street when a pedestrian wreck occurs. A person who is not strapped into a seat in another vehicle can face tremendous risks for harm when struck by a car. That should be fairly obvious to New York and New Jersey readers.

Mother says hospital was negligent in causing child's Erb's Palsy

The Brachial Plexus Palsy Foundation says that babies can suffer harm to a group of nerves that run through the neck, down to the tips of the fingers. Excess tension placed on these nerves in a difficult childbirth may damage these nerves. A Brachial Plexus injury may present itself with partial to full paralysis of the arm, wrist and hand. When these tragic injuries occur due to negligence during childbirth, families may face a tough road as a newborn seeks to recover.

Coach says steering wheel locked before Union Catholic car wreck

An investigation following a car accident may take some time before details may be known about what happened. Often, law enforcement will open a probe in the immediate aftermath of a crash when the evidence is fresh. As time passes, if some details are missed or not relevant to the interests of the government in a car accident investigation, these details may be lost, as cars are repaired, potential witnesses go undiscovered, or possible facts are forgotten over time.

Virginia Tech fine approved after legal action

New Jersey readers likely remember the horrible shooting that took place at Virginia Tech in 2007. According to the news, the U.S. Education Secretary has now approved a second fine against the school in relation to the campus massacre that caused 33 deaths. This legal action has resulted in a $5,000 penalty for the school, and the school has previously been fined $27,500 in December 2012.

Pedestrian accident leads to arrest in NYC

If you're walking in New York City, you probably feel pretty safe most of the time. Many areas are heavily patrolled by police, and traffic tends to be slow enough to prevent many fatalities from taking place due to car-pedestrian accidents, at least in the city limits. Sadly, on 61-year-old man was struck and killed recently in an accident that allegedly involved alcohol in Elmont, New York. The driver who struck him was allegedly from the city.

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