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Head-on crash results in assault charges

A New Jersey motorist has been criminally charged with assault in connection with an accident that took place in early July. Reckless driving and careless driving, along with failure to maintain his lane, were additional charges leveled in association with the incident, according to authorities on Aug. 2. The Somerset resident struck an eastbound car when he crossed a double-yellow line on Ridge Road in South Brunswick. Head-on car accidents can be serious, and in this case, the motorist's passenger was in the hospital for five days. The driver of the other vehicle also suffered injuries.

The fire department aided in removing the driver and his passenger from the vehicle. A local traffic and safety officer conducted an inspection, finding that there weren't any mechanical problems with the responsible vehicle. Additionally, the investigation showed reckless driving and negligence were factors in the wreck.

There are many possibilities when a vehicle crosses into a lane of oncoming traffic. An investigation is necessary to assess potential mechanical problems that may have affected the vehicle or interfered with the driver's ability to maintain control. Additionally, an evaluation of the driver can provide information about problems like a medical episode. As these issues are eliminated, more serious charges must be considered.

In this case, passengers in both vehicles were affected. Loss of work, medical expenses and potential long-term suffering may be possible consequences. An individual who is injured as the result of the actions of a negligent driver may face challenges dealing with the short-term problems resulting from the accident. Dealing with insurance companies, getting medical attention and obtaining accident reports can be overwhelming. It may be beneficial to contact a personal injury attorney to get assistance in making insurance claims and obtaining compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages and damaged property associated with such an event. An experienced attorney may be able to effectively deal with the insurance representatives handling claims in such a situation.

Source:, "Driver charged with assault by auto after head-on crash injures three", Anthony G. Attrino, August 02, 2013

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