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Woman claims she received permanent injury from medical mix-up

Many in the medical community in New Jersey are taking note of a medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed by a 39-year-old woman in Ohio. The alleged incident happened when the woman underwent a standard gynecological procedure.

The woman was supposed to have a colposcopy, which is a procedure to examine a woman's internal and external reproductive organs. As part of the procedure, the gynecologist named in the suit squirted a substance into the woman from a bottle that was labeled "vinegar." However, immediately after coming in contact with the substance, the woman reported feeling a burning sensation and extreme pain. The gynecologist attempted to flush the liquid out of the woman with a saline solution and ease her pain with a numbing cream, however in his haste, he failed to put on gloves.

The lawsuit claims that the solution squirted inside the woman actually contained potassium hydroxide, a highly caustic substance. When the woman went to the emergency room after leaving the doctor's office, the medical personnel reported finding a plastic bottle cap inside her. The lawsuit also claims that the gynecologist's office provided inaccurate information to the emergency room staff about the PH of the potassium hydroxide. The woman says that because of the injuries she suffered in this incident, she can no longer be intimate with her husband and will possibly be unable to have more children.

Those suffering serious injuries resulting from a medical mistake can become so consumed with their recovery that they overlook legal actions that could be taken to hold those responsible for their ordeal accountable. A consultation with an attorney may be the first step towards negotiating a settlement to compensate victims of malpractice for their pain and suffering.

Source: USA Today, "Doctor mistakes drain cleaner for vinegar, suit says", Tom Meyer, November 12, 2013

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