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Seven-vehicle accident in New Jersey leaves eight injured

An auto accident that involved seven vehicles, including a school bus, left eight people injured in New Jersey on Sept. 11. Two people were reported to have serious injuries. One of these, a woman, had to be extracted from her vehicle by emergency responders. Three people were able to walk away from the crash.

While no specific information on how the accident occurred was reported, a witness, who owns a hair salon near the intersection where the accident took place, stated that the intersection is known to be dangerous. She stated that she and her husband had conducted their own independent traffic study 10 to 15 years ago before bringing their results to the town council in order to push to have a traffic light installed. The state of New Jersey declined.

Car accidents often result in serious injuries. These injuries can include broken bones, abrasions, traumatic brain injury, limb amputation, paralysis and coma. Those who are injured as a result of an auto accident may be eligible to receive compensation if they were not a cause of the accident.

When accidents that involve a large number of vehicles occur, it could be wise for a victim to seek an experienced New Jersey attorney who understands how to evaluate injuries and knows the ins and outs of insurance law. In this particular case, an investigation will be needed to determine how the accident occurred and who was liable and what the financial loss was due to the wreck. In many cases, the attorney can settle for an amount that can be used to cover the damages. In very rare cases, however, the attorney may also be able to represent their client during the litigation process if a settlement cannot be reached.

Source:, "8 Injured, 2 Seriously, In 7-Vehicle Wreck Involving Bus", September 11, 2013

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