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New Jersey crash sends two to the hospital with injuries

A three-car crash sent two individuals to the hospital on Aug. 14. The accident happened around 1:30 p.m. in Montgomery Township.

According to police, officers responded to the car accidents near Applegate road. A 28-year-old driver said he was traveling north on Route 206 in his 2013 Honda Accord. He allegedly hit a 2006 Toyota Highlander from behind. The force of the impact pushed forward the Highlander, operated by a 44-year-old from Princeton, which sent it into the rear of another vehicle. This car, a 2007 Saturn Vue, was operated by a 29-year-old from Hamilton. At the time the driver of the Saturn Vue was hit, she was sitting at a stoplight in traffic.

The drivers of the vehicles that were hit were transported by Montgomery Township EMS to Princeton Medical Center at Plainsboro. No life threatening injuries occurred. The driver of the Honda Accord was issued a summons for careless driving. He is scheduled to appear in Montgomery Municipal Court.

Whether victims of a car crash suffer minor or severe injuries, they are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries. Compensation can cover medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages. Individuals who are injured in car accidents typically hire a personal injury attorney to obtain compensation. The attorney may review the causes of the accident to determine what happened and who is fault for the accident. In addition to reviewing the cases, he or she may interview witnesses and review physical evidence like car damage and the accident scene. If the other party wants to settle, a personal injury attorney may negotiate a personal injury settlement on the client's behalf. If the case goes to court, the attorney may present evidence found in their review of the case.

Source: NJ, "3-car crash in Montgomery sends 2 to hospital for injuries", Meghan D. Hodgin, August 17, 2013

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