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Two-car accident in New Jersey causes serious injury

New Jersey police report that a driver has been seriously injured after his Camaro was struck near Route 46. The vehicle crashed into a telephone poll after the impact forced it off the road, and its passenger was transported to the Morristown Medical Center. The cause of the car accident has not been released.

The July 23 accident occurred around 1 p.m. when a vehicle left a bank parking lot and struck the Camaro as it traveled along Route 46. The Camaro's driver, who reported injuries to his arm and shoulder, was taken to a hospital in Denville, while the Saturn driver reported experiencing chest pain.

Accident injuries vary greatly in severity and treatable options. While some can be considered minor, others may require hospitalization and long term care. The pain and suffering experienced by someone who's suffered a serious injury in a car collision can be extremely difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, bodily damage is not the only consideration in these cases; coupled with the victim's inability to work, medical expenses arising from the initial hospitalization and ongoing rehabilitation can leave victims deeply in debt with no discernible options for true recovery. Victims who recover from their injuries may still have to endure long-term financial hardship as a result of the accident.

In some circumstances, accident victims may be entitled to receive compensation for the damages they've sustained. An accident lawyer may wish to review the causes of the accident to determine what happened and who is at fault. Many such accidents are caused by distraction or impairment on the part of the offending motorist. In order to ascertain liability, an attorney can facilitate accident investigation by interviewing witnesses and reviewing physical evidence such as vehicle damage and environmental conditions. If negligence is determined to have been a factor in the auto accident, a lawyer can oversee the distribution of any reparations the victims are due.

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